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September 2022 Update

The holiday time is coming up and we are gearing for another successful holiday season. Last year had its successes and encouraged me to expand my marketing efforts. So this year I expanded to a physical presence here in Ottawa. I have leased shelf space at the Ottawa Artisans “Made in Ottawa” store front at Billings Bridge Plaza to showcase my toys and to provide a locale for folks to actually see before they buy. The link goes to my page on their site and you can also find their location from there.

Ottawa Artisans also have a Holiday Pop up store for the Holiday season at the St Laurent Shopping Center where I have a shelf presence until December. Please come by and visit. Note that the prices at the stores will be higher than that shown on this website as, understandably, there is a cost to being able to sell my wares.

To meet the potential demand I have been furiously making old favourites and new toys which are posted now on this site. Trucks seem popular as do trains and tractors. I have added a canoe with 3 removeable Peg People in homage of my canoe adventure paddling the Rideau Canal from Ottawa to Kingston.

I still like being creative and making new toys is always a pleasure, so feel free to contact me for any special requests.


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