Our Guarantee and Back orders

By their nature, wooden toys can break depending upon the type of wood, the stress that kids put these toys under, who can predict what a child’s imagination will come up with. Our toys are not indestructible and may occasionally break, wheels come off, things break off and so forth. Should this occur we will promise to repair or replace these toys with hopefully stronger and better to withstand future play. Please contacme and I will be pleased to do what I can to keep you and your children happy with my creations.

Back Orders

If the item is not available in our current inventory and the item is identified as “Available on backorder” that means that I will gladly make this item however a short delay will be required as I craft the item. Since this is a creative process I always make changes or improvements so the item you recieve may not be exactly the same as in the photo, just better. If you (or the recipient) is not happy with the item, please contact me and we can work something out, as I am always open to continuous improvement. Just contact me.