I am a retired engineer who enjoys woodworking and making not so perfect simple wooden toys. As most of these hobbies evolved, I started making toys for my children which, in young adulthood, they still cherish to this day. As they grew older I made many toys to give away to cousins and extended family who have young children. This has expanded to selling these toys to other folks with children who appreciate local handmade wooden toys that can last a lifetime.

This is strictly a hobby, as the financial return is somewhat sparse as any hand craft artisan can attest to. The payback and rewards are mostly in the joy of woodworking and seeing young children enjoying these toys. Although it is a tough environment to sell and promote this craft, many of my customers are repeat, as they see the enjoyment and value that these toys give to children. That is where I derive my satisfaction.

By their nature, wooden toys can break depending upon the type of wood, the stress that kids put these toys under, who can predict what a child’s imagination will come up with. Our toys are not indestructible and may occasionally break, wheels come off, things break off and so forth. Should this occur we will promise to repair or replace these toys with hopefully stronger and better to withstand future play. Please contact me and I will be pleased to do what I can to keep you and your children happy with my creations.


September 2022